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Tree Removal

Tree removal service in most urban and suburban areas presents a challenge. Trees in neighborhoods often are surrounded by other valuable plantings or structures. Tree removals, whether small or large, require careful dismantling by highly trained tree service personnel utilizing the proper tools of the trade to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and property. The use of specialized equipment is determined by the conditions on your landscape, branch architecture, and the soundness of your tree. Removal of tree includes: safely lowering of branches, chipping all brush, removing wood and cleaning up all debris. If the stump needs to be ground, we can provide that service as well.

Tree Pruning

We provide expert tree pruning for small and large trees. If pruning involves working on large trees the knowledge and use of the right equipment is very important, not only for the safety of the person(s) pruning the tree, but also for the surrounding property where the tree stands; homes, businesses, automobiles. Other considerations need to be taken as well when working on trees that are next-to or near-by electrical power lines or have electrical lines running through their branches.
We can provide the services of a trained crew, all the required safety equipment, liability insurance and of course the knowledge and experience that can only come with the job.

Stump Removal

 Stumps are normally cut fairly close to the ground. In some cases, like in the case of stabilizing a steep grade, it can be preferable to leave these stumps. Many times though, stump removal is preferable. Stump grinding (stump cutting) is the preferred method of stump removal. Stump-grinding machines shave the stump down to below grade. Sometimes the only way to remove a stump without causing damage to the surrounding area is to use picks, axes and shovels to do it by hand. We can arrange and provide quotes for stump grinding and removal at your request.  

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