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Customer: Melissa A. in Matthews, NC

Category:  Storm Damage

Approximate Cost:  $1,800.00

Hire Again:  Yes

Description Of Work:  Cut down and hauled away two large trees in our back yard that were close to our house and next to our side fence.

Member Comments: 

Marc and his crew did excellent work for us.   Marc came out and in providing the estimate on a very large 65 foot + tree that had been struck by lightening, noticed another large tree close to our house with some evidence of weakness.   In providing the estimate, Marc was clear with regard to how the work would be done, and agreed to work with us to ensure the least possible disruption based on schedule and weather.  His estimate was in-line with two others that we had received.

Marc came out the night before to review the plan and show us where his team would drop the trees, how they haul away with the least impact on our yard/landscaping.   His team arrived early (as scheduled) at 7:30 AM and they promptly started work.   The process went well, with only one small divot in the grass where the tallest section fell.  The crew paid very careful attention to not impact other trees, birdhouses, or our fence.  Based on the size and location of the trees, this was a difficult job that they made look easy.  The second tree that he had noted in the estimate turned out to be insect infested and would have been a real problem had he not pointed it out to us.

Marc followed up to make sure the stump grinding took place within a couple of days (they also filled in the small divot) and he also stopped back to make sure we were satisfied with all of the work done.  I recommend Marc and appreciate the work and thoughtfulness that he showed.



Customer: Jim C. in Charlotte, NC

Category:  Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Approximate Cost:  $1,000.00

Hire Again:  Yes

Description Of Work:  We called Marc to remove some trees and grind some stumps in the yard when we bought a fixer upperWeb

Comments:  He was great.  They took out a tree or two, that were hanging into the neighbors yard.  clean work, with not scraps on the other side of the wall.  Then they ground a couple of stumps.

We called them back a couple of months later to grind a half dozen more old stumps we had found in the yard.  All on time, great work, for a price that seemed to work for everyone.




Customer: Julie T. in Charlotte, NC

Category: Tree Removal

Approximate Cost:  $900.00

Hire Again:  Yes

Description Of Work:  Cut down dead tree in my yard

Customer Comments: Marc is great – always makes sure you know you are valued customer.  Responds quickly to clients, does the work and cleans it all up.  The tree was down and mulched while I was out for the day, almost didn’t notice it had been done!  I always refer Marc for anyone looking for tree service.  His rates are very comparable, and his crew does excellent work!




Customer: Jennifer D. in Milford, CT

Category: Tree Service

Approximate Cost:  $3,000.00

Hire Again:  Yes

Description Of Work:  Marc and his crew cleared one of the fields, front of house, side of driveway of brush and trees.

Customer Comments:  Marc and his crew were fantastic.  A bunch of hard working guys.  They started work early in the morning and finished in the evening, getting everything that we wanted done.  We will be having them come back next month to do more work.





Customer: Jason B. in Charlotte, NC
Category: Tree Service

Approximate Cost: $3,000.00

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: Cut down 10 trees on our residential property and trimmed our tree canopy.

Customer Comments: Marc and his team were a pleasure to work with for our tree work.  Firstly, Marc was very flexible at working with our budget and schedule.  Once we had our schedule set he and his crew were efficient at getting the job completed.  In addition to a timely completion of the work, his crew worked to ensure safety not only for themselves but also for my family, pets and home.  We were completely satisfied with the job Marc and his crew performed.  We have no reservations in referring Marc’s Tree Service to our friends and colleagues.


Customer: Mark L. in Pineville, NC

Category: Tree Removal

Approximate Cost: $750.00

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: Cut down a row of 15 or so tree’s between power lines and a busy road.

Customer Comments: I had a couple other tree companies price my work and one declined ultimately due to the risk and one was way high priced.  So first of all Marc’s price was in the ball park I was looking for.  (BTW, I needed the tree’s felled and left because I am clearing the site for a new house.)  The trees had to come down safely between high power lines and a busy road.  The pine tree’s ranged from 25′ to 40′ tall estimated.  Marc and crew felled the tree’s all perfectly in a narrow row between the two obstacles.  I was impressed with the professionalism and the courtesy, friendliness exhibited by Marc’s Tree Service!  I believe they will price your work fairly and do a great job.

Review Photos: 



Review Date: August 01, 2013

Customer: Christin R. in Charlotte, NC
Category: Tree Removal

Approximate Cost: $300.00

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: Removed a tree that landed on our house after my husband tried to remove it himself.

Customer Comments: We made plans to install a new patio in our backyard. My husband took the task of removing a skinny 20 foot tree that was in the way. Things got away from him and the tree ended up on our house. That’s when I called Marc. He came out that night to take a look at the tree. The next morning at 715am Marc and his team where here. They removed the tree, cut it up and hauled it away. They also picked up all the little pieces of the tree my husband had cut down the day before that were scattered around the yard. Then they used a blower to remove any small pieces on the patio. They were gone in 20 minutes! Extremely professional, quick, and affordable. At my husband’s expense everyone got a good laugh. Luckily there was no damage done by my husband and Marc’s team was gently not to cause any on their end. I am extremely appreciative for their timeliness and great job done!

We have tons of other trees around our property and I am sure I’ll be seeing Marc again.


Before picture (after my husbands attempt)


After Marc and his team were done



Customer: Karen F. in Charlotte, NC
Category: Tree Removal and Tree Trimming Approximate Cost: $1,300.00

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: Cut down half a barrel tree and trimmed dead limbs from large trees over hanging the house.

Customer Comments: Was very professional and we really appreciated that the workers were careful around our other plants and shrubs. When going on our roof they were careful not to put the ladder against the cutters, something our roofers had done.  The workers  also really cleaned up, leaving our front and back porches cleaner than before they came.  That type of attention to detail is what I think made up very happy with Marc Tree service.  We will definately hire again.




Customer: Kimberly G. in Charlotte, NC
Category: Tree ServiceApproximate Cost: $3,200.00

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: Marc’s Tree Service cut down approximately 20 trees, one of which was in the creek behind my fence, cleaned out the remaining 12 trees in my back yard and thoroughly cleaned out my two large Oak trees in my front yard.

Customer Comments: Marc came to my house during the height of a string of spring/summer storms to give me an estimate. He was on time and took the time to walk through each tree in my yard explaining what would need to be done and what my options were. He was up front on when his company could perform the tree service and exactly how much it was going to cost. The entire team showed up on the agreed upon day and time and again we walked around to each tree to make sure that we were all on the same page on exactly what service was to be done on each and to be sure the team new exactly what was to be done. Throughout the day they would come and ask my option on a particular tree, if there was something going on with a tree that we had not discussed. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my service and would definately hire them again. I have told anyone who has asked me if I know a good tree service that they should contact Marc.

In this little island area, there were approximately 20 trees removed. Marc’s team also cleaned out all the debris which I believe went above and beyond. There is so much more light in my back yard now. I love it!



Member: Jennifer T. in Charlotte, NC
Category: Tree RemovalApproximate Cost: $450.00

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: Marc’s Tree Service removed a tree that had fallen and damaged my gutters during a storm.

Customer Comments:  My usual tree service, with which I have spent thousands of dollars in the past, said it would be at least three days before they could come out. Marc was here within a couple hours and the tree and all the debris was cleared away within two hours. Marc is my new tree service.